Where are we?

The link below from ‘MOTOWHERE’ shows where we’ve been:

– The google map beneath, shows exactly where we are:

5 responses to “Where are we?”

  1. Claudia says :

    Hi Guys,
    so soon you’ll be back – look forward to catching up woth you. Unfortunately can’t meet you on your cycle back home as I will be over in Germnay, but will see you in May!
    Happy sailing and cycling, keep it up

  2. https://www.facebook.com/jamesbambridge66 says :

    So … no more 7 course lunches and beer aboard the magnifica – must be hard coping ! Hope you made it safely out of Dover after fighting through the Brazilians. James, Carla & Mark .

    PS : Nice blog – Im gonna have a good read.

    • Geoff says :

      Hi Mark and family,
      We made it safely to Folkestone, and are now in Fareham after 3 days of headwinds with Sarah’s family. Hope you enjoy reading the blog and the better weather we seem to be having now,

      • Bertrall Ross says :

        Geez, who knew a bicycle trip through Leeds would be so inspiring! At least I think that’s where we bicycled on that lovely day 13 or so years ago. Wow, that is a long time ago. Hi Sarah and Geoff, this is Bert, an old friend of Sarah’s. Hoping that one of you reads this blog within the next few days. Anyways, since Sarah has no facebook presence (much to commend on that front) and I have no idea how to contact anyone on linked in without paying money (I’m far too cheap for that), I thought I’d try to connect on a blog that hasn’t been posted to in nearly a year (yeah, I know, good luck with that!). But in case it does work, I wanted to tell Sarah that I’ll be in London from Thursday (March 27th) til Tuesday (April 1) for the first time in about 12 years or so. Anyways, I’m coming to see old friends that I so dearly love but lost contact with. Going to see Sean down in Dorset (wherever the hell that is) on Friday, Russell in London on Saturday maybe, and would love to see you. Am happy to come up to Coventry to visit, have a meal, meet Geoff, whatever. Its all a bit of a long shot I know, but hoping that you get this. If so, email me at bertrallr@yahoo.com (gosh, imagine the junk mail I’m going to get now!).


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