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When we met in Coventry, we found we shared a common dream to cycle through Patagonia. Over time the start point of both dreams drifted northwards, and given various circumstances we felt it would be best to start our journey in Mexico given Sarah’s brother Nico was already there with his bike having meandered down from Canada, and the food was meant to be outstanding. The fact neither of us spoke a word of Spanish seemed a trivial matter at the time.

Before leaving the UK we cycled bits & bobs when we could (Northumberland (lots of castles), Isle of Wight (lots of hills), Islay (lots of distilleries)), hiding our dream from most, as it was just that, a dream. One day Sarah decided to leave her job, and from then on we slowly realised a path had been set in motion that we couldn’t escape from & didn’t want to (unlike Coventry). By Mid-January 2011 neither of us had jobs anymore, we’d sold the car, and made preparations to rent the house. Now we are here, in Mexico, ready to start the next part of our lives. It could be quite an adventure!

We will try and post when we can, keeping the map up-to-date of where we are. Double-click on the photos for larger versions, and feel free to leave comments. Our joint email address is sarahgeoffcycle@gmail.com. Many requests were made before we left: thigh measurements, road-kill counting, but most importantly this blog, so here it is…enjoy!

Sarah & Geoff


Geoff Hannis

11 responses to “About”

  1. Gareth says :

    Good start guys! I’m looking forward to reading about what you get up to and seeing more photos. Good luck!

  2. David says :

    Hey people 🙂 Many thanks for nice company during couple of days in Coba and Tullum. I had to move from Tullum more to south of Quintana_Roo heading to Belize. Take care & good luck on the road.


    p.s. maybe we will met in Belize or Guatemala again – I hope

    • Sarah says :

      Hi David, thanks for your message we also moved on from Tulum since my bike got fixed. We just arrived into Bakalar half expecting to bump into you…you may have moved on by now so perhaps see you in Belize, we’re heading there tomorrow or Monday. Was great meeting you and sharing photos and experiences. All the best for this journey and with the tea venture, Sarah & Geoff

  3. Martin says :

    good luck – when in patagonia, brace for the winds! i hitchhiked from cancun to ushuaia in 2009-2011, very similar route to yours, and it was a blast! have fun and take your time knowing the locals!

    • Geoff says :

      Thanks Martin,
      The winds are bad enough in Costa Rica, but we’ve heard the rumours of cyclists being blown uphill in Patagonia, so we’ll try and be ready! We have more chance of interacting with the locals now we have learnt a bit more Spanish.
      Geoff & Sarah

  4. thomas and damien says :

    Hello, this is thomas and damien, met in Cusco… we wanted to drop an email but could not find any “contact” on the blog… could you contact us ?

  5. Keith says :

    Fantastic Photos ive been following your adventure on Sarah.s Facebook only just come across this blog its like a Geography and History Lesson in one loving it take care . Keith

    • Sarah says :

      Hi Keith, glad you found it and have enjoyed taking a look. All the encouragement really helps, so thanks! Do you cycle? Hope you and Linda are both well, Sarah

  6. Alvaro says :

    Hola amigos espero que todo este muy bien en su ruta, siempre hablamos de ustedes se los recuerda con cariño, que Dios los bendiga y un abrazo muy muy grande mio y de toda mi familia desde Pasto, Colombia !

    • Sarah says :

      Hola Alvaro, que bueno saber de ti y tu familia! Muchas gracias por el mensaje y los saludos. Esperamos que estan bien en Pasto. Estamos bien, Geoff tiene algunos problemas de salud pero en general estamos bien, gracias. Ahora tenemos mucha information de la ruta entre Peru y Bolivia si un dia quieres hacer lo mismo con tu motor. Aqui es el blog de un nuevo amigo con moto – http://www.spokecount.com/ El habla Castellano y viaja a Colombia. Muchos saludos a toda la familia desde La Paz, Bolivia! Ciao Sarah y Geoff

  7. rmithare says :

    Inspiring … !!

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