UK Cycle Plan

In a fit of organisation, inspired almost in its entirety by a desire to have friends and family cycle with us, this is the plan for our cycle home. The theme (at least for the first half) is: History. It is inspired by David Crowther’s History of England podcasts which Sarah has been using to get up hills since Peru. We plan to visit as many places as possible from the UK’s early history of Kings and Queen (we’ve only had one Queen so far in the podcasts!). To follow England’s progress and get the podcasts: click here

We arrive in Dover late evening on the 13th April, and plan to have the Hannis family on hand to relieve us of any souvenirs which are not required for the ride home.

Drifting along the South coast past the white cliffs, we arrive at Hastings where some battle or other happened, and then go along to near Southampton where we hope the Stavrakakis clan will congregate, and we will proceed to stuff ourselves full of food for the weekend.

On we’ll go to Salisbury, Winchester, and Malmesbury (where Geoff was born, but very historical in its own right) amongst other things.

From there it is a zig-zag path to Oxford, then fingers crossed the ‘Hook Norton’ brewery (still have to make a few phone calls), and then Bearley for a big celebration and a reunion with a room piled high with cardboard boxes filled with our previous belongings!

We don’t plan on cycling too long distances each day, as you can see by the attached google map. If you have any questions or suggestions, email us at:

We do hope you can join us for at least some of it.

Sarah and Geoff


Saturday April 13th – Arriving into Dover in the evening, meeting Geoff’s family

Sunday 14th – Along the South coast cycle route from Dover to Hastings

Monday 15th – Relaxed day around Hastings with a short cycle up to Senlac Hill and back

Tuesday 16th – Hastings to Brighton

Wednesday 17th – Brighton to Fareham to meet Sarah’s family at Nico’s place. This day can be split into two and take in a ride through the South Downs

Thursday 18th – At Nico’s relaxing or riding through the South Downs on the longer route between Brighton and Fareham

Friday 19th – At Nico’s relaxing with cycling in and around Fareham including the Meon Valley

Saturday 20th – Fareham with Sarah’s family

Sunday 21st – Cycle to Winchester and spend day there with Sarah’s family

Monday 22nd – Cycle Winchester to Salisbury

Tuesday 23rd – Salisbury to Devizes (via Stonehenge)

Wednesday 24th – Devizes to Kemble (via Malmesbury)

Thursday 25th – Rest in Kemble. Visit nearby village where Geoff grew up.

Friday 26th – Kemble to Oxford meeting Uni and cycling friends

Saturday 27th – Oxford to Hook Norton (leaving middayish after a pint in the Turf Tavern!)

Sunday 28th – Hook Norton to Bearley (Geoffs’ parents house)

Monday 29th – Relax

Tuesday 30th – Bearley to Coventry (Sophie and Steve’s house)

4 responses to “UK Cycle Plan”

  1. Gareth says :

    Excellent! Will set about booking some time off πŸ™‚

  2. Remi says :

    Hmmm, I have 13th to 17th booked as leave, although it could change if more appropriate ! Can’t take much more unfortunately, busy times at HI then πŸ™‚

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