A chance to recover in Mérida

Date: 8th February – 10th February 2012
Where: Mérida
Distance: 371 to 371 miles

On Miguel’s recommendation we awoke to find ourselves in a real Mexican city. None of this Cancun rubbish. Tourists were easily outnumbered by Taco stands and the daily buzz filled the air. Imagine every clothes shop & pharmacy blasting out music non-stop, combine it with busy workmen digging up every road and pavement, and mix that with thousands of eager shoppers. Then put it all on one street, and we thought India was a cacophony! The packed main plaza, simple yet beautiful cathedral and market were highlights of this city. The food was great too, especially the cochinita pibil with a bit of lime squeezed on top 🙂

It also gave us some time to do more menial tasks, like finish setting up this blog, fix mudguards (again), clean chains, post some things home that we didn’t need & and buy Jaf some swim shorts to replace his weight-saving speedo idea. Some grams just have to be carried!

Spot the tourist! On the streets of Mérida

Relaxing in the main plaza

Mérida meat market panorama

With our great hostel find, Nomadas

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