The Northern coast of the Yucatan

Date: 2nd February – 7th February 2012
Where: El Cuyo – Rio Lagartos – Las Coloradas – Rio Lagartos – Dzilam de Bravo – Bella Mar Restaurant – Mérida
Distance: 119 to 371 miles

Still in the excitement phase of a new place, new leg muscles, new food, but same roads…straight roads are starting to get boring. Luckily the first day of this leg was fantastic for bird-watching (see Cyclo-twitching page). Was also a rather shocking incident when a frog jumped out at Sarah, followed by a 1ft snake of some description, which thankfully retreated just as quickly back into the undergrowth. A few days later this was trumped by Sarah obliviously cycling past a coiled snake at least 2 inches in diameter & Geoff then running the poor serpent over with his tank tyres. Oops. This was towards the end of our longest day so far (79 miles) so I guess we were both a little tired.

The previous day we’d cycled out to Las Coloradas from Rio Lagartos searching for flamingos, but instead finding a crocodile, mountains of salt and a deserted circus with a tame monkey. Everywhere is closed, all a little strange, but lots of friendly people.

Straight roads get kinda boring after a while (nice birds though)

Straight roads get kinda boring after a while

Dali trees on way to Las Coloradas

Salt mountains, not what we expected!

Las Coloradas beach

Geoff’s new cycle helmet

Rio Lagartos at dusk

After leaving the half-asleep town of Dzilam de Bravo it became clear why everywhere was deserted. New hotel complexes littered the coast as we approached Progresso. Tired by the sun we saw a restaurant with possible sea views. Before long we has arranged to stay the day and camp there that night on the beach. Our host gave us great food & a relaxing day. A proper rest day. The next day we completed the leg to Mérida with a tailwind at last, passing the umpteenth ‘Flash Gordon’ graffiti on the way. Every town has it on at least one wall! Geoff is considering renaming himself Gordon, as Geoff is apparently difficult for Mexicans to pronounce (they seem to like ‘Jaf’ instead). This also gives him the chance to sing Queen songs all day long.

The blue blue coast of the North Yucatan

Now that is a plate of Ceviche, mmmmmm!

Our sea view at the Bella Mar restaurant

Our sea view at night complete with tent and pissing dog

Flash, AhAHHHHH!

One response to “The Northern coast of the Yucatan”

  1. Mark Millar says :

    Hey guys, only just spotted your blog but you’ve already seen so many amazing things. Wonderful photos, remember to take lots, I know you will! Good luck for the rest of the trip & keep us updated.


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