Escape to the beach

Date: 31st January – 1st February 2012
Where: Cancun – Kantunilikin – El Cuyo
Distance: 14 to 119 miles

After a hearty mug-full of granola and milk whilst our maps were printed, we set off with a slight tail-wind for Kantunilikin & El Cuyo. Three things quickly became apparent:

  1. Despite the flat swampy terrain, Kantunilkin was a long way away!
  2. The road-builders of the Yucatan are related to the Romans (no corners, big noses)
  3. Every village overflows with coca-cola. Who needs a healthy diet when you’re cycling everyday!

Swampy terrain on the road to Kantunilikin

Straight roads with yellow flowers everywhere

A dusky introduction to Mexican sandwiches, Tortas, in Kantunilikin

The next day we set off for El Cuyo and the day’s chain of events was set in motion…taxi overtakes us, 2 hours and we’re in taxi occupant’s home, just managing to avoid a Mexican soaking, mucho fresh orange juice from their tree, soon need pee, nearly onto a procession of leafcutter ants, near end of day, need food…mmmm freshly grilled chicken, meet Canadians, recommend chicken, set off, arrive in El Cuyo on beautiful causeway, re-meet Canadians, get invited for beer, get distracted by beach, fall asleep, zzzzz.

About to set off from Kantunulikin

Stopping for Coke on the way to El Cuyo

Friendly taxi occupants in their home

The Yucatan Yellow Flower Tree

Leafcutter ant (leaf-carrier in this case, it forgot to cut it up!)

El Cuyo causeway (causeways seem to be a trend for our cycle touring trips!)

Practising long exposures on the beach at El Cuyo

One response to “Escape to the beach”

  1. sarah says :

    Just wait til you get to Peru for the ‘inca cola’!

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